2010 Carlsson CK50 based on Mercedes-Benz E500 W207

w207 carlsson

The 2010 Carlsson CK50 Mercedes-Benz E 500 Coupe is another outstanding and innovative car model brought into the car and automobile industry by one of the best and outstanding car makers as of today namely the Mercedes brand. This sports coupe type of car features a very powerful V8 engine that has 435 hp or horsepower capability coupled with a torque of 443 pounds per feet. Together with the balance, safety and security from the Mercedes franchise, this is truly one of the most sought after if not the most sought after car model in the commercial market as of today.
2010 Carlsson CK50 Mercedes-Benz E 500 Coupe 480

This 2010 Carlsson CK50 Mercedes-Benz E 500 Coupe also features the same luxury and innovativeness found in every Mercedes made vehicle available in the market for all of the people situated in various parts of the globe. With its light alloy rim, a reasonable and optimal road holding that has a coilover suspension and an extra output of almost 11 horsepower or hp, this car model from Mercedes really deserves the lead with regard to the quality and performance it provides against its other competitors. With its unique and distinctive “individualism”, this model from Mercedes is one of the most anticipated car models for the year 2010 as of date.
mercedes w207 carlsson

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